Jeff Zwart

You ever play a racing video game or hop on a simulator and think to yourself “man, this isn’t so bad, I could probably race cars for a living”? Well, you’re probably wrong. The biggest difference between a racing simulator and a racecar is the inevitable trip to the emergency room, and if you’re not used to your internal organs shifting around like backseat groceries, you’ll probably end up in the morgue. Racing badass turned director badass, Jeff Zwart, wants to put that theory to the test. Mr. Zwart directs GT Academy, a series that takes the world’s best Gran Turismo drivers (that’s a videogame for all you senior citizens out there) and puts them behind the wheel of actual racecars to see if they have what it takes to turn pro. Jeff’s amazingly high def crew captures every breathtaking moment from the perspective of some of the boldest gamers on the planet.

Posted on November 18, 2016 in News

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