Rally Rd.™

Investing in classic cars used to be an old man’s game, where if you wanted a piece of this rapidly appreciating pie, you needed to shell out half a million dollars or more, store the bloody thing in a climate controlled garage and never drive it. Great. Who doesn’t love not driving the most expensive car they’ll ever buy? You might as well put down a couple hundred grand on the world’s most inconvienent paper weight (albeit, a very pretty paperweight). But seriously, as smart of an investment certain classic cars may be, most people just can’t afford to join in the alternative asset fun… until now. Rally Rd.™ – RPM Group’s newest client – came up with a way for ANYBODY to invest in one of the most rapidly expanding alternative asset classes on the planet with as little as $20. No, we didn’t mean $20 Million… $20 or more buys you a stake in a very very good investment. So there’s really only one thing you need to ask yourself. Do you like apples? Well, how you like them apples? http://rallyrd.com/

Posted on November 23, 2016 in News

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