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RPM Group Limited is pleased to announce a new advisory client, Garage Pointer – ( Garage Pointer is an online peer to peer marketplace service that matches unused storage space with owners in need of additional, safe, secure and conveniently located garage space. Targeted users include collector car owners as well as individuals seeking protected garages for storage of any kind on a short or long term rental basis.

For many, the desire for buying more cars or bikes is held back, not by insufficient funds or spousal approval, but by the lack of nearby garage space available to the buyer. There is a surplus of local and community-based residential garages that go completely unused in the United States, at the same time, there is a slowdown of new storage facilities being built. Garage Pointer seeks to leverage this imbalance via the online pairing of shelter-seeking vehicle owners with home and business owners who are interested in generating new, recurring income from their unused garages.

The Company is comprised of career automotive industry professionals, including Mr. Donald Osbourne, ASA, a respected collector car appraiser and segment host on CNBC’s primetime show Jay Leno’s Garage. The team envisions launching Garage Pointer as the “Airbnb” of garages through an innovative and easy to use mobile app, designed to provide enthusiast owners with instant access to surplus garage listings via a Google Maps like interface.

Garage Pointer has solved the initial insurance concern by successfully engaging with the HUB Group. Additionally their revenue model offers promise with a technology-based and fully automated solution. Garage Pointer has successfully raised their Seed Round and will be seeking new capital to help execute on their next stages of growth, which includes: the design, buildout and implementation of the mobile app for Android and Apple OS, website upgrades, IP filings and firm level marketing, advertising and social media strategy launches.

“Some might point out the security risk of giving a stranger access to your garage, but the notion of having strangers in your actual living space doesn’t seem to have hindered Airbnb.” – Car & Driver
“We are delighted to have Robert and the RPM Group Ltd. team help us in growing our venture and spreading the proverbial word on Garage Pointer to the industry,” said Mr. Dave Kinney, Head of New Market Development at Garage Pointer. If you would like more details on this compelling new company, please contact me directly at

RPM Group Limited was founded in 2009 as a boutique advisory and management consultancy firm using its unparalleled knowledge of the automotive industry to offer highly specialized consulting services to auto enthusiast related businesses. RPM Group Ltd. is recognized as a leading consultancy firm for business advisory, strategic business development, management consultancy, sales & marketing, project management, M&A advisory and capital introduction services to the industry.

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Posted on July 24, 2017 in News

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