The Scion Road to SEMA, powered by Car Guy Nation

On October 20th we’re kicking off our first Car Guy Nation seriously awesome road trip, aka “The Scion Road to SEMA — powered by Car Guy Nation.” The project build and the journey to Las Vegas are so compelling, the folks at Scion decided to become the Title Sponsor. And who are we to refuse?

Here’s the big picture: Back in April, while having a couple of beers with our good friend Steve Jardine of Johnstons Toyota/Scion in New Hampton, NY (don’t worry, nobody knows where New Hampton is), we decided to build a SEMA project car out of the all-new Scion FR-S. But, we wanted to do something a bit different from the normal SEMA build. Our modified car needed to be drivable and reliable. Plus, we wanted to be able to show it off to car guys across the country, not just to the privileged industry folks in Las Vegas. So, the idea of driving the car to Vegas came about. Allan and I volunteered since we both believe in the old adage, “why fly when you can drive?”

Evil scientists: Steve, Allan and Roger in the operating room.

Steve, being the good-natured generous guy that he is, offered to supply the car and the labor if we could get the parts. So, Allan took to the phones and started talking to our vendors. The response was pretty overwhelming. Practically everyone wanted to participate. We’ll be exploring the individual parts and upgrades in upcoming posts, but let’s just say, we’re pretty excited after a brief track shake-down at Monticello Motor Club.

Come see the car! If you live in the Northeast, you’ll want to be at Johnstons Toyota/Scion for the launch party on the 20th as we prepare for the journey to Las Vegas. Considering it’s a 2600 mile trip, you might want to bring us a can or two of Red Bull. Or some Beano…

Stay tuned…
Roger Garbow

Posted on July 23, 2017 in News

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