RPM Group Ltd.

Strategic Business Consulting
RPM Group Ltd. provides a full suite of strategic business planning and management consulting solutions to companies throughout the auto enthusiast and automotive industry. These services include, but are not limited to: new business launch marketing and market growth strategies, incubation and business model innovation, marketplace trend assessments and case studies, enthusiast market penetration techniques, accelerating strategic business development efforts, comprehensive sales & marketing and social media campaigns, branding, business plan or initial stealth idea review, and project management.

Startup & Establishes Business Advisory
As a first step, the firm provides expert advisory services that educate our clients about the current auto enthusiast market and/or relevant automotive landscape. Next, we help CEOs bring their new products and services to market by incorporating tailored ‘go-to-market’ strategies for our clients. We work with both early stage and established companies to increase client acquisition and top line revenues. Our services include, but are not limited to: business plan review, market entry strategies, targeted growth initiatives for achieving key startup milestones (required by VC firms), sales & marketing and social media campaign execution, and strategic partnership sourcing.

Social Media & Branding
To better understand our client’s business and strategic needs, our team conducts an initial evaluation of each firm. Once completed, we can provide a multitude of services for developing a new brand or launching a new product or service. Our team collaborates directly with our clients to help them understand what their “position” in the marketplace is, what it should be (to succeed in their area of focus) and how they can bridge this gap. Because the overall auto industry consists of dynamic, ever-changing trends, a unified social media marketing front is imperative for early stage companies. As for more established firms, RPM Group Ltd. can create bespoke, made-to-order social media campaigns.

M&A Advisory & Strategic Partnerships
RPM Group Ltd. helps CEO’s and their companies identify, source and implement strategic partnerships that will increase revenues through new client acquisition opportunities. The firm provides established businesses, who are pursuing strategic alternatives within the automotive industry, with advisory services that include exit sales and mergers or acquisitions. Our team, through their globalized, personal and professional networks, often encounters investors who are looking for new investment opportunities, as well as firms and groups who are seeking out investors. Unfortunately, because the automotive marketplace is so vast and sequestered, investors rarely stumble across the businesses that would warrant an investment, but, through the course of our advisory and consulting work, our firm always strives to fill the investor/investment gap and catalyze development of this monetary imbalance by accelerating the pace of introductions and engagement between interested parties.

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